Wyatt Maxwell


Wyatt Maxwell, lead guitar player for Mad Max & the Wild Ones, was only sixteen when he joined the Gretsch family. Wyatt, at 21, has developed his own unique sound that brings power and originality to the revved up rockabilly music he plays with his father and brothers in Mad Max. They have toured across the country and overseas, opening for such legendary acts as The Blasters, Dick Dale, Big Sandy and many more.  Wyatt also spent two years as lead guitar player for Wayne “the Train” Hancock and has “sat-in” with greats like Rockabilly Hall of Famer Art Adams, Deke Dickerson, Big Sandy & the Flyrite Boys, Lance Lipinsky and others. said of Wyatt in an article about young up and coming players to watch, “The look and the technique are all there, but what puts Wyatt into elite company is his sense of style and taste.”  Playing a White Falcon through a Gretsch Variety amp gives Wyatt the full, powerful, reverb-driven sound he is after.



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