Big John Bates

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Starting out as Annihilator's singer, Bates & his razor-sharp Gretsch have chiseled out a career with a caravan of misfits, playing hundreds of shows annually across North America & Europe. He's been featured on Battlestar Galactica, on A&E Discovery, played for thousands at European festivals, had songs in countless movies and TV shows.

After a quick 7" release in 2010 Bates spent two years holed up and writing with Brandy Bones before they hit the road in 2012 with Indiana friends Murder by Death. Brandy's love for old-school country infects her voice inside her often bleak lyrics while Bates directs the band and harnesses a wall of sound in a style she has christened "Rustic Punk". Perfect for a group whose show is a spellbinding hour of sound wrapped in physical showmanship then slashed to ribbons.

Just don't expect them to stay on the stage - they like to get up close & personal - not simply playing from the heart but tearing it out by the roots.


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