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Sugarland Tops Billboard 200


Country duo Sugarland motored to  No. 1 on the Billboard 200 albums chart with The Incredible Machine. Sugarland’s latest effort beat out the new Kings of Leon album, Come Around Sundown, with  203,000 copies sold last week.

Watch Sugarland perform the “Wide Open” from the new album here. The video features vocalist/guitarist Kristian Bush on his Gretsch Irish Falcon.

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Brian Setzer Orchestra Rock on New Live DVD


Three-time Grammy Award winner Brian Setzer today released his Brian Setzer Orchestra It’s Gonna Rock … ‘Cause That’s What I Do DVD.

It’s Gonna Rock … ‘Cause That’s What I Do was filmed on June 25, 2010, in front of a crowd of 150,000 fans at the Montreal Jazz Festival. The DVD captures the blistering one-hour and 40-minute set performance, and promises to rock living rooms everywhere with the sounds of the BSO’s “wildly eclectic party… [played] with a punky verve whose sheer joy is nigh irresistible” (LA Times).

Order the DVD from Amazon here, and also check out Christmas Comes Alive!, the first ever live Brian Setzer Orchestra CD, which was released earlier this month.

Since 2002, Brian Setzer has made winter a little warmer with the help of his fire-breathing Gretsch guitar and killer 18-piece big band. He’s played over 120 Christmas concerts for more than 300,000 fans, and sold nearly 1 million Christmas CDs and DVDs.

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Titus Andronicus Perform For No One


Watch Titus Andronicus perform The Monitor album closer “The Battle of Hampton Roads” for the new music series by filmmaker Daniel Ryan, For No One, which offers an intimate glimpse of bands playing to a room without a crowd.

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The Walkmen Perform on the Interface


New York City’s indie rock band the Walkmen visited the Interface on Spinner recently to perform some new tunes from their sixth studio album, Lisbon.

As you’ll see in this video of their “Angela Surf City” performance below, guitarist Paul Maroon is a fan of a ’57 Gretsch Streamliner.

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Gretsch Q&A in Premier Guitar


In its October issue, Premier Guitar features a great article on Gretsch guitars. Both Fred Gretsch and Joe Carducci (Gretsch Product Specialist) take turns answering questions from Premier Guitar readers, such as this question from Joel Trumbach.

“My fantasy guitar would be a Chet Atkins Country Gentleman, but I am a little perplexed with the tone-switching feature. Can you briefly explain that?” asks Trumbach.

“The mysterious tone switch, often referred to as the ‘mud switch,’ was Chet Atkins’ idea,” answers Carducci. “He wanted to be able to quickly change the tone of the guitar on the fly. It’s indeed a hip idea when used in that context. When holding the Country Gentleman in the playing position and looking down on the two switches on the upper bout, the tone switch is on the right (the pickup selector is on the left). In the center position, the tone switch is completely out of the circuit and the overall amplified sound will be as bright as possible in all pickup combinations. In the down position, the sound is like setting a rotary tone control on about is similar to setting a rotary tone control on about ’5,’ creating a warm, bass-y tone ideal for your favorite jazz licks, fingerstyle pickin’, or rhythm comping.”

Read the article in its entirety here.

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