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Florence And The Machine Rock ‘The X-Factor’


This week’s results episode of The X Factor featured a theatric performance by Florence and the Machine.

As Marcus Canty was booted from the competition, leaving Chris Rene, Josh Krajcik and Melanie Amaro in the final three, Florence Welch and the band offered a live version of “Spectrum,” the latest single off 2011′s Ceremonials.

Check out guitarist Robert Ackroyd’s White Falcon in the video below:

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Patrick Stump Appears On ‘Hoppus On Music’


Patrick Stump, whose debut solo album Soul Punk came out in October, recently appeared on Hoppus on Music, showing fans his best impression of famed Chicago Cubs radioman Harry Caray and telling a story of meeting the Blink 182 band member as an 11 year old.

Watch parts of the interview below:

And just try not to dance when watching this video of Stump performing “Run Dry:”

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Paul Pigat Compares Vintage VS. New Guitars Via Guitar Aficionado


Paul Pigat, the prolific and highly versatile rockabilly player, is also a self-proclaimed “guitaraholic.”

In an interview with Guitar Aficionado, the Gretsch artist admits to embarking on a never-ending journey in search of the “perfect” guitar.

“Vintage guitars are COOL!” Pigat tells Guitar Aficionado. “They have a look and a patina that screams experience. Who doesn’t want to think that their guitar has “been around,” so to speak, and has experience?”

Although the vintage-loving player loves his elderly guitars, he says his new models are more reliable.

“So now I’m traveling with a bunch of new instruments in my arsenal,” Pigat tells the magazine. “They may not have the ‘retro cool’ factor, but they are all based on traditional designs; so, from a distance, most folks can’t tell the difference and they sound great!”

Read the full interview here.

For more on Paul Pigat, visit

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American Songwriter Reviews Gretsch George Harrison Signature Duo Jet


The November issue of American Songwriter magazine fully vetted the Gretsch George Harrison Signature Duo Jet guitar, and included it as part of their Holiday Gear Guide.

The guide, which can be accessed online here, provides readers with an extensive background on the model, and also delves deep into its specs.

After an inside-out rundown, American Songwriter assures readers that the Gretsch George Harrison Signature Duo Jet is a safe bet.

“Whether you’re a Beatles nut or Gretsch nut (there are plenty of both, for sure), or just want a kickass old school rock and roll guitar, you can’t go wrong with the Duo Jet.”

Get your copy of American Songwriter magazine here.

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Guitar World Demos Gretsch G6136STL Silver Falcon Guitar


Guitar World magazine reviews and praises the Gretsch G6136STL Silver Falcon in its Holiday 2011 issue.

The magazine describes the guitar’s cosmetic appointments, and says its tone “is as bright and bold as the sun.”

As online bonus content, Guitar World’s Paul Riario also demoed the Silver Falcon, calling it “fantastic,” “elegant,” and “premium.”

Watch the video demo below, and pick up Guitar World’s Holiday 2011 issue here to read the full review.

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