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Gretsch G5022CE Rancher Gets Editors’ Pick From Guitar Player Magazine


Guitar Player magazine Editor-In-Chief Michael Molenda reviewed a Gretsch G5022CE Rancher in the magazine’s July issue, honoring it with the Guitar Player Editors’ Pick award.

“The new G5022CE Rancher retains most of the awesome vibe, beauty, and tonal wonders of the much more expensive 2002 version,” said Molenda. “While adding some rock-and-roll stage worthiness with its access to the higher frets and a truly excellent Fishman Isys + preamp.”

He also said that the Rancher’s character is retained when plugged in.

“The G5022CE’s electronics are fabulous. The onboard tuner is extremely visible, and the guitar’s character is retained when amplified.”

Molenda’s final verdict said that the Rancher makes for a “versatile and stunning guitar that will inspire you to genius no matter what type of music you play.”

Get the July issue of Guitar Player here to read more on why the G5022CE Rancher got the magazine’s Editors’ Pick.

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Green Day Releases Album Cover For ¡Uno! In Video Trailer


Earlier this year, Green Day dropped plans to release three new albums over the span of four months.

This week, the punk legends released a video trailer revealing the cover of the series’ first offering, which will be titled ¡Uno!

Check out scenes of the guys in the studio and the cover below:

¡Uno! is due Sept. 25, followed by ¡Dos! on Nov. 13 and ¡Tre! on Jan. 15, 2013.

You can click here for information on how to preorder the albums, and visit Green Day’s official website for more information.

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Gunner’s Daughter Performs Stripped Down Session


Gunner’s Daughter frontman Chris Behm recently performed a Stripped Down Session for Punks in Vegas, a Las Vegas-based music blog.

Sitting at the Las Vegas Natural History Museum, Behm offered “Late Night Remedies” and “22 Degrees & Falling” off the band’s EP Trust Us When We Tell You, which you download for free from Death to False Hope Records.

Watch Behm in the videos below:

For more information, visit the official Facebook page of Gunner’s Daughter.

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MusicRadar Tests a Gretsch G5013CE Rancher Jr


MusicRadar recently picked up a Gretsch G5013CE Rancher Jr and put it to the test.

“It’s a great little package,” said the website. “Little being the operative word; its compact size means it’s light and loads of fun to play standing up. Tonally, it’s bright and zingy, chiming out with big open chords and surprisingly loudly for such a diminutive body.”

“It’s the details that make Gretsch guitars unique,” said MusicRadar. “And the Rancher Jr is full of them, from the flawless binding and finish to the solid strap lock.

Visit to read the full review.

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ZZ Top Drops New Tunes


Legendary rockers ZZ Top released a digital set of four tracks on Tuesday entitled Texicali, the first new recordings from the Texans in nine years.

The four new songs, available via iTunes and all digital retail outlets, offer a preview of the group’s full-length album, as yet untitled, that will be released on American Recordings late this summer or early fall.

“We were itching to get some new music out before the full album release; making available these four tracks seems like a good way to accomplish that most expeditiously,” said Top’s Billy F. Gibbons.  ”Dusty, Frank and I are happy with what’s been accomplished in the studio so we figured we’d provide some hot and tasty ‘hors d’oeuvres’ before the main course is served this fall.”

Gibbons helped produce the tracks along with the venerable Rick Rubin.  Song titles include “I Gotsta Get Paid,” “Chartreuse,” “Over You” and “Consumption.”

For more information, visit ZZ Top’s official website.

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