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Gretsch Rancher Giveaway Winners


Alfonso Vasquez with his new Gretsch!

Gretsch would like to congratulate the winners from our Gretsch Rancher contest.

Our two winners from region one are Alfonso Vazquez from Tlaxcala, Mexico and Sergio Garcia from Ecatepec de Morelos, México.

Our two winners from region two are Jennifer Williams from Toronto, Canada and Mike Dobbs from Hixson, Tennessee.

We are still waiting for permission to post the names from our two winners in region three, but we can say that one hails from the United Kingdom and the other is from Norway.

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Stephen Stills Talks Guitars With MusicRadar


In the midst of a summer tour with Crosby, Stills & Nash, Stephen Stills sat down with MusicRadar for a lengthy interview where he talked about his career, the live CSN 2012 DVD that is coming out July 17 and his guitars of choice.

When asked about his history with Gretsch, Stills went back to the late 1950s.

“A friend took me to Tampa, Florida in 1959 to a demonstration at the local music shop, and we saw Chet Atkins,” Stills recalled.

“Right there, that began my love affair with Gretsches, because you can fingerpick ‘em, particularly if you take the pickguard off. I’ve been doing that for a living for 50 years.”

Stills noted that he picked up his first Gretsch when playing with Neil Young in Buffalo Springfield.

“Actually, I think I got my first Gretsch in the Springfield. Neil played one, which immediately attracted me to him. Anybody who played a Gretsch, that was it,” he said.

“But I liked the orange ones. Graham [Nash] knows all the nomenclature. I like the brown ones, actually. I have two old, brown single cutaway Country Gentlemens, and they’re really, really good.

“Now, the White Falcon in CSNY. Everybody was buying every guitar in sight. I happened to find a stereo White Falcon, and I traded Neil for his old one, which I still have. I’ve offered it back to him, but he says, ‘No, no. A trade’s a trade. You beat me on that one.’”

Read the full interview here, and visit Crosby, Stills & Nash’s official website for more information.

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Five Great Televised Gretsch Moments of the British Invasion


On both sides of the Atlantic during the 1960s, the British Invasion created a golden age of rock and pop music on prime time TV that really hasn’t been equaled since. In addition to the big, long-running U.S. and U.K. variety shows of the era—The Ed Sullivan Show and Sunday Night at the London Palladium, respectively—it saw a proliferation of pop/rock programs that televised the invasion as it happened, such as Top of the Pops and Ready Steady Go! in the United Kingdom, and Shindig! and Hullabaloo in the United States.

One particularly happy result of all that great live and lip-synched programming was that, as never before, millions of viewers got a good up-close look at Gretsch guitars and basses in action. Here then are five great televised Gretsch moments from the British Invasion, beginning with the phenomenal landmark performance that started it all.

P.S. – If anybody knows where we can find a Yardbirds TV clip that shows Eric Clapton playing his double-cutaway Gretsch 6120, let us know, would you? We searched all over and can’t find it, but we’re convinced that it exists and would love to see it …


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