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GretschTech: Fingerboard Inlays


Gretsch guitars and basses are loaded with distinctively stylish features that all contribute greatly to their very “Gretsch-iness.” From pickups to bridges, trem arms to tailpieces, and control knobs to switching layouts, few instruments are the sums of their parts – and much more – quite like a Gretsch.

This is especially evident right at your fingertips, because Gretsch instruments have a fingerboard inlay tradition all their own. Several of the styles adopted in the 1950s are still in use today and have long since become distinct Gretsch traditions. Here’s a look at what you’ll find on Gretsch fingerboards today: (more…)

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Watch Allen Stone Perform ‘Unaware’


Allen Stone recently visited with the Gretsch crew and offered a soulful performance of “Unaware,” a track off his eponymous self-released 2011 album. (more…)

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Tegan & Sara Charm ACL Crowd


Watch as Tegan and Sara perform “I’m Not Your Hero” at Austin City Limits. The song will appear on January’s upcoming new album, Heartthrob.

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Two Door Cinema Club Shakes the Bud Light Stage at ACL


After only two albums, Two Door Cinema Club has officially reached a main stage-level of fame as a band.

Appearing on the Bud Light Stage Sunday at the Austin City Limits music festival, the Irish indie rockers had a huge crowd in the palms of their hands, playing a hit-filled set culled from 2010′s Tourist History and this year’s Beacon.

Walking out around 4:15 p.m. – preceding Iggy Pop and the Stooges and the Red Hot Chili Peppers – Two Door revved things up early with their latest single, “Sleep Alone.” The rolling drums were broken up by a surf-inspired undertone that grew more sweeping by the verse, just prepping everyone for the payoff.

Two Door Cinema Club didn’t need any bombastic pyrotechnics or anything, though. If anything, the band’s head-nodding rhythm section, tight harmonies and building melodies make Beacon an easy listen, and the tracks might even sound better live than on the album.

Highlights to the ACL show included other Beacon hits like “Sun,” “Next Year” and “Handshake” before their epic closer, “What You Know,” brought it home.

It seemed like the entire audience shrieked with delight at the first few guitar strums of “What You Know” and jumped along as the backbeat kicked in.

The last time Two Door Cinema Club played ACL, it was on a much-smaller stage, and frontman Alex Trimble noted that fact, thanking the audience for sticking with them throughout the years.

The eager audience was happy to voice their support during this raucous show.

Photo courtesy of Sandra Dahdah.

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The Black Lips Play ‘Stuck in My Mind’ for Lucky ACL Audience


While at the Austin City Limits music festival, the Black Lips performed a special version of “Stuck in My Mind” before they took the Austin Ventures Stage.

The song is from some of the band’s earliest recording sessions back around 2000.

Watch the Black Lips in action below and visit their official Facebook page for more information.

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