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Gretsch Hot Rod Walt Pinstripe Guitars


Check out one of the new Gretsch Hot Rod Walt guitars receiving its custom pinstripe paint job. A limited run of these guitars are shipping out now to dealers worldwide. Get ‘em while you can!

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Go Behind the Scenes of Guitarist‘s Center Block Photo Shoot


For the September issue of Guitarist, there is a feature on some of the new Gretsch Center Block guitars.

As such, the music magazine held a photo shoot with model Kimberley Holladay. Photographer Philip Sowels had Holladay pose in various outfits with several of the new models, including the single- and double-cutaway Center Block Falcons.

As Guitarist put it, “In what seems to be one of those no-brainer, should-have-done- it-50-years-ago ideas, Gretsch has released a new range of guitars with a solid lump of wood through their middles, slimmed bodies and updated hardware for practicality’s sake.”

You can get the issue here to see what Guitarist thinks, and footage from the photo shoot can be seen below.

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Lisa Marie Presley Brings Both Storm and Grace to Americana Music Festival


Lisa Marie Presley

Lisa Marie Presley might be a diminutive figure, but she sure knows how to work a stage.

During her performance Friday night at 3rd and Lindsley as a part of Nashville’s Americana Music Festival, Presley didn’t need bombastic theatrics. Her sultry presence and mesmerizing voice demand attention, which she received from the passionate audience filling the intimate space.

Walking out amid heavy distortion from guitarist and musical director Michael Lockwood, Presley donned tight black leather pants and a dark fitted double-breasted jacket.  Immediately, her unmistakable voice curled out on to the crowd like wisps of smoke as she launched into “So Long” from her 2012 album Storm and Grace.

Noting how honored she was to appear at the Americana Festival, Presley then drew cheers with her latest single “Over Me,” a rambling dose of parlor piano and Lockwood’s twangy accents from a striking Gretsch Red Penguin.

Presley slowed down the proceedings by pulling out “Weary,” another Storm and Grace number that had several fans clutching their chests and swaying back and forth.

The singer/songwriter threw a curveball by changing the single “Idiot” off the 2005 album Now What into a swampy, growling takedown of a previous relationship.   Sitting on a stool next to a resonator-toting Lockwood, Presley noted that it was probably the meanest song she’s ever written, and she is probably right.

“You’re an idiot, and I hate your guts,” was one of the nicer lines, let’s just say.  Members of the audience could clearly relate because it earned big applause.

As the evening wound down, Presley kicked up the energy with “Un-Break,” turning to unleash a tribal beat on a pair of glittering drums while Lockwood tore at his custom-painted Chet Atkins guitar. “That was pure silliness,” Presley laughed when the percussive thump came to a stop.

“Sticks and Stones” was Presley’s finale, and she began it in style with an a capella intro before the band joined in.

With Presley again slamming the drums and Luis Maldonado’s bass reaching new fuzzy heights, the 45-minute show was a perfect storm – gentle at times, but always darkly looming before surging over the crowd.

Michael Lockwood

Lisa Marie Presley Band

Michael Lockwood

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Bear’s Den Step in as Surprise Guest at Mercy Lounge


Bear's Den

London’s folk-rock trio Bear’s Den was a late addition to the Americana Music festival, stepping up as Thursday night’s “surprise” at Nashville’s Mercy Lounge when the original scheduled artist was forced to cancel.

“We weren’t really supposed to be tonight’s special guest — we are just filling in,” noted banjoist/guitarist Joey Haynes.

With their rich instrumentation, sincere lyrics and three-part hooky harmonies, it didn’t take long for Bear’s Den to win over the Music City crowd, opening with the beautiful and endearing title track to their debut EP, Agape.

It was “Pompeii” and “Mother,” with their heartbreaking stories about family, that left one man up in the front row shaking his head in wonder before exclaiming, “Holy Cow!”

Lead vocalist/guitarist Andrew Davie plucked a few quiet notes on his acoustic guitar to start off “Pompeii,” a tale of a father and son dealing with the loss of their wife and mother. The song slowly builds with percussionist Kevin Jones switching over to bass and lastly, an extended banjo solo to lead into its final, hopeful refrain:

“Don’t cry, hold your head up, she would want you to, she would want you to.”

Later, Haynes leveraged his pedal board to eek atmospheric and ambient sounds out of his Gretsch electric guitar for the intro to “Sahara,” a new and haunting ballad that will appear on October’s upcoming EP, Without/Within.

Bear’s Den has really captured the minds and hearts of audiences around the world, having come up in the same London scene that spawned Mumford and Sons and Laura Marling. It is fitting, then, that Bear’s Den has played several shows in support of Mumford and Sons in recent months, gaining buzz as they’ve gone along.

Bear’s Den has a headlining tour of Europe in November, and with many of the dates already sold out, tickets are obviously in high demand.

Judging from Thursday night’s showing at the Mercy Lounge, it is a fitting classification.

“The Waters”
“Don’t Let the Sun”
“Writing on the Wall”
“Bad Blood”
“Hard Life”

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Patrick Stump Discusses His New Gretsch Signature Model


Fall Out Boy is back and better than ever in 2013, and so is singer/guitarist Patrick Stump’s signature Gretsch guitar model, the G5135CVT-PS Stump-O-Matic Patrick Vaughn Stump Signature Electromatic® CVT, as seen (and heard) below.

In this video clip, Stump himself gives you a guided tour of the guitar, which now features a white finish with gray “competition” stripes for a cleanly elegant look with a dash of attitude. In a variety of styles, he gets a variety of sounds from its tonally versatile three-pickup design with special electronics—going from crushing full-on distortion one minute to sharply clean funk-style rhythm tone the next, and even convincingly rich acoustic-like tone, too. And watch as he “plays” the kill switch …

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