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Amy Gore Releases New Video With Her Valentines


Detroit singer/songwriter Amy Gore is back with a new band, new single and a new video from a forthcoming album.

Titled “Drivin’ Around,” the song is pure rock and roll fit for a drive down the dusty highway.

Amy Gore & Her Valentines features guitarist Jackson Smith, bassist Leann Banks and drummer Joe Leone.  The group originally got together at a one-off show in Detroit but decided to record with Al Sutton at Rustbelt Studios.

“We had no expectations beyond that first show, but the chemistry on stage was instant and powerful. It was as if everyone in the room knew something special was happening,” said Gore.  ”Afterwards, Jackson called me to say they wanted to continue as a real band, he and Joe were really impressed with my songs and the vibe on stage. I couldn’t ask for better band mates, so we decided to move forward.”

You can view the music video below:

For more Amy Gore, visit her official website.  ”Drivin’ Around” is currently available via Amazon or iTunes.

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