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Brandi Carlile To Answer Fan Questions Leading Up To July 14 Red Rocks Show


Brandi Carlile will be performing live at Red Rocks on July 14 on AXS TV, and leading up to the event, she will answer select fan questions on Facebook and Twitter.

What’s more, each question submitted on the AXS TV Concerts Facebook tab is registered to win a signed Gold Top Gretsch Electromatic Pro Jet with Bigsby.

If Carlile answers your question you also will receive a signed copy of her latest album, Bear Creek.

To submit questions for Carlile, visit the AXS TV Concerts Facebook Tab and fill out the question form or use hashtag #BrandiOnAXSTV on Twitter.

Carlile’s answers to her favorite questions will be posted starting Monday, July 9 on the AXS TV Facebook and the AXS TV Twitter.

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4 Responses to Brandi Carlile To Answer Fan Questions Leading Up To July 14 Red Rocks Show

  1. Shani Bills says:

    Was there one particular moment or performance you’ve had, during which you realized that music would indeed be your career?

  2. Dave says:

    What artist would most like to do a collaborative project

  3. Mary Jo Skinner says:

    What is your personally written song that you feel shows you “arrived” as a songwriter?

  4. Rosie Stone says:

    Concert sounds fantastic! When are y’all coming to Southwest Florida?? I can’t wait!!!!!

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