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Help Bruno Mars Name his Gretsch


11/12 – UPDATE: Here’s Bruno Mars performing “Grenade,” his second single from debut album Doo-Wops and Hooligans on David Letterman.


Bruno Mars will be playing his brand spanking new G6118T Anniversary tonight on David Letterman, and per his tweet below, is apparently looking for some help with naming his newest guitar.

“I just got a new Gretsch Guitar! You know I gotta give it a name.What should I call it? I want to name after one of ya’ll! the lines are open!”

Tweet him back with your suggestions @BrunoMars.

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13 Responses to Help Bruno Mars Name his Gretsch

  1. Johnny says:


  2. Sam says:

    It only makes sense to name your new Gretsch axe; SAM.
    Like, where’s my Sam?

  3. Mark Quinn says:

    George, after the late great Mr Harrison.

  4. CC Jackson says:

    If your on Letterman, there’ll be “Good Rockin’ At Midnight”

  5. Jack says:

    I think Mavis is a nice name for the guitar.
    Because it’s sweet and has temperament and is decent.


    Your name must be “MARS ATTACK”

  7. Spirit says:

    Spirit- after NASA’s Mars rover. Also, it’s just a dope name.

  8. you should name it tommy

  9. alabama girl TJM says:

    ¤ MY NEW LOVE or MY Gretsch AMOR- ¤ B- MARS ¤

  10. He should name her Canary as she is a little yellow bird with a sweet sound.

  11. Her name should be Mellow Yellow. Pauline Licavoli Thank you!

  12. Wayne McDowell says:

    Easy. The color is spot on, it looks like the guitar feels comfortable with ‘im and and the light green is “EASY on the eye. Fits.
    Wayne “KOOLDADDY” McDowell

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