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Jack White Gives Surprise Parking Lot Performance


Can’t believe this went down just around the corner from us and we missed it! Watch Jack White’s surprise performance outside his mobile Third Man Records Rolling Record Store truck, parked at a lot in Austin, Texas. The yellow-and-black truck is part record store, part recording studio and sometime on Thursday, White popped out of the mobile truck to perform two songs.

Watch below.

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7 Responses to Jack White Gives Surprise Parking Lot Performance

  1. TJ says:

    Sea Sick Steve stole the show from Jack, maybe next time Jack will at least show the audience a little respect by tuning his guitar, his shtick is growing old…

  2. King says:

    I think Steve was too high for the mike…

  3. mary cigarettes says:

    that was great fun…thrilled to see steve is now on jack’s label as well…..the duane video is cool too.

  4. Jimbo says:

    He was an interesting addition to the “This Might Get Loud” documentary…not a big fan but this is pretty cool. Beat the piss out of that poor little guitar.

  5. Lance Martin says:

    It was nice to hear a performance (Jack White)that seemed more from the soul than as a slick poser like most of his peers. I WASN’T a fan before … but I’m now a FAN of Jack White.

  6. denny says:

    I am not one to rag on anyones performance.
    Jack was O.K. But Sea Sick Steve is every mans man right on

  7. James Arrieta says:

    Jack’s guitar may be out of tune, but it never seems to matter, he always comes off real! ……and Sea Sick Steve is definitely the Deal!

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