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Lynda Kay to Appear on ‘Justified’


Gretsch artist Lynda Kay will be appearing on the March 6 episode of Justified on FX. Kay will be performing her song “Jack and Coke.” For a look at what is in store, here’s Kay performing the same song acoustically (and exclusively) on one of our new Gretsch Rancher acoustics.

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4 Responses to Lynda Kay to Appear on ‘Justified’

  1. Pat Mc says:

    I loved it

  2. Craig Lemire Tierney says:

    You are awesome Lynda. Love the song and you. Way to go.

  3. Earl Reinhardt says:

    Lynda Kay you keep going girl! Great job on Justified last night.

  4. Mike Tilton says:

    Lynda Kay, We have 2 mutual friends. One, Janet Veal, I knowthrough my daughter, Julie Tilton; she is a grant coordinator for the math dept. The other is Margo Martindale, who played Mags(sp.) Bennett last year. We grew up together in Jacksonville, Tx. I read the article in the Lubbock paper and just wanted to say hiand good luck!
    Mike Tilton

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