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Watch Trailer for George Harrison: Living in the Material World


The Martin Scorsese-directed George Harrison: Living in the Material World premiered over Labor Day weekend at the Telluride Film Festival. The two-part documentary will air on HBO October 5-6.

The film is accompanied by a book of the same name, penned by Harrison’s widow, Olivia.

“It’s been five years (referring to the time it took to make the film) and it really took a good two years before I could just open my hand a bit,” she said at a Telluride screening Q&A of sharing her late husband’s keepsakes in research for the film. “There were letters that George never imagined his mother saved or that would be read. They were so revealing and just so honest; that really was the beginning of this project.”

Enjoy a trailer for the film below.

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3 Responses to Watch Trailer for George Harrison: Living in the Material World

  1. Patt says:


  2. john riding says:

    This will be a memorable film, I am sure. I came so close to meeting George but only my wife had the privilege in the ’60′s in Scarborough, UK.
    George was the reason that I picked-up the guitar at 14 and haven’t put it down since.

  3. wumple says:

    George was the one…the highest one..the most humble one..the one I most admired..
    There will never be another one..Like George.His great Spirit is blazing a trail across the uiverse..

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