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Emmylou Harris Brings Storytelling and Sweet Harmonies to Stagecoach


Sweetest harmonies of the first day of the 2016 Stagecoach Festival in Indio, California?

We’re going to have to bestow that to the magnificent songstress Emmylou Harris and her bandmates, Pam Rose (guitar, vocals) and Mary Anne Kennedy (vocals, percussion, mandolin). Their voices blended magnificently in an early evening set on the Palomino stage, providing the perfect balm for a weary sunburnt crowd.

The set was highlighted by lovely songs such as “Sorrow in the Wind,” “Michelangelo,” “In My Dreams” and “The Boxer,” but also by her storytelling between the songs.

By sharing that she had such a good childhood, she had to “make sad shit up,” or that she wrote a song for her kids because even when they are grown, “you still worry,” it somehow made the jam-packed tent seem more like an intimate living room performance.

Early on, Harris recollected her 1985 concept The Ballad of Sally Rose, using the story as a way to thank her fans for the mega support.

“That album almost bankrupted me but I’m still here folks – because of you,” she stated. “You don’t care if we are on the radio or not. You are still gonna come see us.”

Harris’ contributions to folk and Americana music are legendary, but she spent a good portion of her set signing the praises of others. Like when she introduced a cover of “Spanish Dancer” by Patty Sciala off album Rumble Doll.  Harris noted that perhaps Sciala is somewhat overshadowed by husband Bruce Springsteen, but that she’s actually an incredible songwriter who deserves more recognition.

Or when she left the stage and invited Kennedy and Rose, who also comprise country duo Kennedy Rose, to take over and perform their own track “Love Like This.”

“This song was alt when alt wasn’t cool,” said Rose.

Although hampered by a few technical difficulties, Harris and team powered on like the road stalwarts they are, providing a perfect wind-down to the first day of Stagecoach festivities.

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‘Guitar Player’ Spotlights the Streamliner Collection


In its April issue, Guitar Player magazine highlighted the Gretsch Streamliner Collection as part of its “Hottest Gear Debuts at NAMM.”

“For those who adore the Gretsch mystique but can’t afford the main guitar line’s ‘Harley Davidson’ pricing, the inexpensive Gretsch Electromatic Series has long been their savior,” notes the mag. “Now, however, the guitar maker has introduced another affordable line—the Streamliner Collection—that proudly puts just the name “Gretsch” on the headstock and pickguard. Love it! The Streamliners offer a new pickup—the Broad’Tron humbuckers—and come in Center Block, Center Block Jr., and Hollow Body models (one of my faves is the G2420T in Flagstaff Sunset with Bigsby.)”

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View Lord Huron’s Coachella Performance


L.A. indie rock band Lord Huron offered those out on the lawn a breezy set to enjoy during their late-afternoon Friday slot at back to back weekends of Coachella.

And the festival has also made a glimpse of their set available for everyone by sharing a clip of “Way Out There” off 2015′s Strange Trails.

Check it out below.

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See Brandi Carlile Perfom on ‘Seth Meyer’


Earlier this month, Brandi Carlile was scheduled to play New York’s Madison Square Gardens, but first she took her incredible vocal chops by Late Night With Seth Meyers where she performed the throttling “Mainstream Kid” off 2015′s The Firewatcher’s Daughter as well as her unforgettable single, “The Story.”

Not to be biased, but those of us at Gretsch particularly love on the latter, when midway thru, Carlisle exchanges her acoustic for her orange Gretsch Chet Atkins guitar, marking a dramatic and impactful shift in the song’s tempo.

Watch both clips below …

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Watch Zella Day Perform ‘Sweet Ophelia’ at Coachella


Pinetop, Ariz. native Zella Day held court at Coachella over the weekend, putting on a mesmerizing set if the clip below is any indication.

Wearing a ’70s pale-yellow pantsuit decorated with fish and matching headband, Day and her stellar live band perform “Sweet Ophelia” off her debut studio album Kicker, which has earned high praise from critics and listeners alike.

“What I am doing musically is very different,” Day said in an interview with “That’s something that has become very apparent to me – especially as I play more festivals and I am around more and more musicians. My live show is very band-centric and that’s not typical for a young female pop artist … I am playing pop music, but these are songs that I wrote on my guitar and there is a lot of storytelling going on. So my music is a throwback to the musicians that I love, the greats like Joni Mitchell, Janis Joplin, and Stevie Nicks. Those are the women that I really have modeled myself after in some way shape or form. That’s what I’m striving for, of course, but I haven’t got there yet. I only just turned 21, so I’m still figuring it out, little by little. But I know that there is a certain power behind what I am doing because I can feel the pull!”

Watch the clip from Coachella below, featuring guitarist Chris Oppold on his Players Edition Falcon.

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