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The Shelters Make Television Debut on The Late Show


The Shelters made their television debut on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Wednesday night, performing infectious single “Rebel Heart.”

The young band is enjoying steady buzz since releasing their self-titled album last month. Having gained a reputation for their energetic live shows, this late-night slot offered them a chance to showcase their signature retro style and sound to a much wider audience.

Watch the Shelters performance below, and check out guitarist/singer Chase Simpson with his Gretsch Billy Bo.

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See Richard Hawley’s Rig Tour with Music Radar


Sheffield singer, songwriter and producer Richard Hawley recently teamed up with for an exclusive tour of his recording and live rig collections, which includes two of his treasured Gretsch guitars —  a vintage 1957 6120 and a Country Club 6196CG.

“I have a ’56 as well, which sounds radically different — they were still experimenting to get it right, but there’s some debate over the exact year and month of this one,” explains Hawley of his 6120. “The book says ’57 but Deed, Duane Eddy’s wife – who knows her onions – says, ‘No, it’s a ’56: no G-brand in ’57’.”

As for the Country Club, Hawley calls it “one of the finest guitars” he owns.

“It’s beautiful, it’s a big fat sound, the pickups have colossal testicles,” he said. “I have no qualms or snobbery about playing new or reissue guitars: it’s all about the sound and the feel… and let’s face it, it looks fucking cool as well.”

View a photo gallery of Hawley’s gear here and click here to find out where you can catch Hawley live on tour this summer.

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Hillsong United Travels to Israel to Record Of Dirt and Grace


Australian-based worship band Hillsong United recently journeyed to Israel to record 15 live tracks from their album Empires, plus a few bonus songs. These live recordings have been compiled into a new effort titled Of Dirt and Grace, which will be released on July 15.

The clip below offers a behind the scenes look into the group’s trip throughout the Holy Land, with Hillsong United hitting several meaningful destinations that provided the inspiration for certain songs. For example, “Captain” was recorded on a boat on the Sea of Galilee, while “Closer Than You Know” happened under an olive tree similar to where Jesus would have prayed, and “Say the Word” took place on the Mount of Beatitudes.

“It was literally a miracle we got to do what we got to do and we got what we captured,” states guitarist Jonathon Douglass. “I think what’s so unique and special about this project, is just being able to match what we’re hearing and the truth of the word of God in these songs with the locations. I know what that did for us in that process of recording was so encouraging, so uplifting, so inspiring. Our belief and hope and prayer is that this will happen for every single person that watches and listens to this project and that they will be inspired, lifted up and encouraged.”

Watch the clip below to view the picturesque moments captured during the recording process.

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Stevie Young Talks About Playing Rhythm Guitar in AC/DC


In a new video posted on the official AC/DC YouTube channel, guitarist Stevie Young talks about his playing style, how he constantly works at his craft, his tendency to destroy guitar picks and what it is like to try to fill the shoes of his uncle, Malcolm Young.

“I’m not trying to imitate or copy him, but trying to keep the spirit of what he did in the band,” explained Stevie.

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Tom Petersson on the Eternal Search for Perfect Tone and His New Gretsch Signature Models


Photo by Lou Brutus.

Cheap Trick has built a tremendous legacy over the last 40 years, constantly releasing new albums and certainly never slowing their torrid touring schedule.  With whacky guitars, memorable power ballads, mega rock hits and boundless energy, they’ve built a steadfast and devoted following.

And while Cheap Trick’s pioneering bassist Tom Petersson is no stranger to being recognized or asked for an autograph, the recognition and level of stardom that came with the band’s recent induction in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has been a bit surprising.

“I’ve got people who are walking their dogs and go by and say, ‘Hey congratulations.’ I have no idea who they are, and they are going to the park and recognize me now,” said Petersson. “So it really means a lot to other people, and I think it’s nice for us because it validated for our fans who really were always like, ‘We’ve got to get you in there!’ They were writing letters and doing all this stuff. That really made us feel good, ya know?”

While beyond grateful for and humbled by the recognition, the chance to reflect on the ride might be the most meaningful part of the experience for Petersson.


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