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Premier Guitar Channels Scotty Moore for New Guitar Lesson


Ever wonder how to achieve that classic sound Scotty Moore made famous? Premier Guitar’s John Bohlinger straps on a White Falcon, and breaks down the galloping techniques that will have you strumming like Elvis Presley’s legendary guitarist in no time.

Watch Bohlinger’s step-by-step instruction below to easily master the I-IV-V cascading progression, complete with picking patterns.

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Watch Robert Plant’s Television Cameo


Gretsch enjoyed some more TV time last night with an outstanding spot in Sky 1′s Welsh comedy Stella, starring Ruth Jones.

In the Feb. 23 episode during the funeral service for “Daddy,’ Robert Plant is introduced rather dismissively as Mr. Rubber.  The audience is quick to realize, however, it’s actually the Led Zeppelin singer, who introduces his performance as such:

“This one’s for your Daddy. See you on the stairway.”

Plant is accompanied by guitarist Darrel Higham on his Stephen Stern Gretsch Custom Shop 5170 EC Falcon in a performance that quickly gets the audience on its feet.

Watch below.

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Gretsch Gets Some Play in HBO’s New Series ‘Vinyl’


The new 10-part HBO drama series Vinyl debuted last week, and looks to be a an interesting and wild ride through the sex- and drug-addled music scene of 1970s New York.

Created by Mick Jagger, Martin Scorsese, Rich Cohen and Terence Winter, Vinyl stars Bobby Cannavale as record label president Richie Finestra, a man who is trying to save both his company and his soul without destroying everyone in his path.

In the pilot episode, though, it was unfortunately a 1959 Gretsch Bo Diddley that suffered his ire.

During a party thrown by Finestra’s wife (played by Olivia Wilde), his co-workers present him with the guitar in a scene that is inter cut with live performance footage of “Go Bo Diddley.”

“The guitar, it’s really great,” he said. “I used to listen to his records—stand in front of the mirror with my mom’s broom.”

Later in the episode, Finestra unfortunately suffers a relapse, and winds up drunkenly playing the guitar around his living room. Falling off the wagon sparks an argument with his wife, leading Finestra to take his frustrations out on his priceless guitar and television set.

You can watch the the full episode for free here, in exchange for your email.

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Premier Guitar Explores New Collections at NAMM


PG Blog NAMMPremier Guitar stopped by the Gretsch booth at the 2016 NAMM Show to get a glimpse of the new Streamliner, Golden Era and Players Editions Collections.

Watch Gretsch’s Joe Carducci demo and discuss these new instruments below.

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Premier Guitar Spotlights a Vintage Gretsch 1957 6120


Vintage Gretsch '57 6120Premier Guitar’s John Bohlinger sat down recently with Lloyd Nicely of Gruhn Guitars to demo a vintage Gretsch 1957 6120 for an “Axes & Artifacts” segment.

In the video, Nicely explains the unique features that Gretsch built for Chet Atkins based on what they believed the musician would desire in an instrument. (Later, Gretsch would work directly with Atkins to design a guitar to his exact specifications, which led to the introduction of the G6122 model.)

The ’57 G120 features the “Cadillac” of bound bodies and is equipped with a three-way toggle, two DeArmond Dynasonic pickups and a black enamel Bigsby tailpiece. As pointed out in the clip, during the ‘50s-era the Bigsby was a luxury piece that cost a whopping $75 back in the day. To put that in perspective, the entire guitar could be purchased for roughly $295, so the Bigsby alone cost nearly one-third of the guitar!

Lloyd also describes the key features that peg this guitar as a product of 1957, which include hump top inlays and Brazilian rosewood. Also, this model pre-dates the zero fret feature that Atkins introduced in ’59 to bring more sustain to the guitar.

Watch the video below to learn all about this gorgeous guitar, and hear it ring while played through a 1961 Fender Bassman.

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