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George Harrison Giveaway Winner Revealed


Congratulations to Rod Kennemer of Garden City, Kan., for winning our Gretsch/George Harrison giveaway.

Kennemer’s new G6128T-GH George Harrison SIGNATURE Duo Jetâ„¢ and “George Harrison: Living in the Material World” book are now in his possession!

Here is Rod with his new instrument:

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2 Responses to George Harrison Giveaway Winner Revealed

  1. groovybill says:

    Congratulations Rod. You are the envy of every George Harrison fan.

  2. BVC says:

    Congrats, Rod! It’s truly a beautiful thing, indeed! That would be the next one for me, as well, but I’m writing, too, to congratulate Gretsch! I’m actually in a state of disbelief at having just bought the ’62 reissue Country Gentleman, adding it to the ’62 reissue Tennessean I’ve had for years now. George’s Gent (I’m not alone I’m sure!) was THE guitar that got me fascinated with guitars in the 1st place, & this reissue is a spectacular, powerful Dream Machine! Obviously it works perfectly with Beatles material, but tho’ it might not appear like it would, the Gent seriously KICKS A$$ when it comes to screaming leads! But Rod, YOUR guitar got it all started!!! Good show – have fun! The rest of us can still only dream of THAT one!

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