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See Ten Tonnes Perform at Reading & Leeds Fest


Young upstart act Ten Tonnes enjoyed the thrill of performing a short set on the “Introducing Stage” at the recent Reading & Leeds festival in Europe.

Citing blues, indie and alternative influences, Ten Tonnes is the work of songwriter/guitarist Ethan Barnett from Hertford, England. Debut EP Lucy is out now, and you can sample its title track
via the festival video clip below.

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Guitar Player Reviews the G2420 Streamliner


Guitar Player reviewer Mike Molenda tests out the G2420 Streamliner in the Gear Roundup feature in the magazine’s September issue.

Throughout the review, Molenda praises the Streamliner for its aesthetics, sound, value and comfort.

“The frets are beautifully rounded, the finish is near perfect, the internal bracing and wiring are tidy, and the hardware is sturdy and cosmetically appealing,” he writes. “The G2420 feels as comfy as a well-worn Pendleton shirt as it hugs up against your body, which makes playing it seem almost effortless.”

Molenda focuses on the modern, versatile and dynamic sound the instrument offers towards the conclusion of his review.

“The tone is shocking in a very good way, because there is nothing retro about it at all. This thing screams like a rock machine. Use it to reimagine super-charged rockabilly, stratospheric funk, agro jazz, or any kind of music that snarls and roars but it can also downshift dynamically to caress and soothe.”

Find out what else Molenda had to say in the full review here.

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See Biffy Clyro’s New Video for ‘Howl’


Scottish rock trio Biffy Clyro’s latest effort Ellipsis shot straight to No. 1 on the UK chart, and now the band is targeting its U.S. audience with the first music video from the new album to be released stateside.

Directed by Marc Klasfeld (the same man responsible for some of the famous Red Hot Chili Peppers, Slipknot and Foo Fighters videos), the short film for “Howl” is a light-hearted homage to The Shining and David Lynch that starts out with Biffy Clyro entering a bar. Events soon take a seemingly lysergic, twisted trip in which the band is surrounded by a cast of unusual characters: creepy twin sisters, burlesque dancers, a sinister, eye-patched barman and a particularly Twin Peaks-esque band. All three band members feature in bizarre reinventions.

We are particularly biased towards the shots of the tuxedo-clad band onstage with singer/guitarist Simon Neil strumming his Gretsch G6120T Players Edition Nashville. :)

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Premier Guitar Reviews the G2622T Streamliner in Quick Hits Feature


In the August issue of Premier Guitar, Jason Shadrick reviews the G2622T Streamliner Center Block with Bigsby in the magazine’s “Quick Hits” feature.

The short and sweet spot offers a quick overview of the Streamliner’s feature set, and praises the guitar for aesthetics, value and versatility.

“Now, more than ever, this tried-and-true tonal recipe has migrated into the good graces of modern red-dirt country-radio jams and the next generation of Cult-inspired hard rockers,” writes Shadrick.

Shadrick also awarded the G2622T Streamliner with 4 out of 5 stars for Tones, Playability and Build/Design, and gave it a 4.5 star rating for Value.

Click here to read the full review and listen to two demos.

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Zella Day Hypnotizes Phoenix Crowd


Arizona native Zella Day returned to her roots at the Marquee Theater in Phoenix Wednesday night, enchanting her audience with an eclectic and hypnotizing performance.

The indie pop songstress emerged onstage, channeling her inner gypsy soul in a black lace jumpsuit and jacquard wrap that was an instant reminder of a young Stevie Nicks— one of Day’s proclaimed idols. Flashing the audience a shy smile, she jumped into “Sweet Ophelia” from her breakout album Kicker, swaying to the dreamy melody and waving her hands to the lullaby of her haunting vocals.

The opening track was merely a warm up for Day, who became progressively more animated and energized with each song. She picked things up on “She Ain’t No Holy Roller,” leaving her post at the mic to dance around the stage with a tambourine. She was into full theatrical swing on “The Outlaw Josey Wales,” making use of the entire stage and reaching towards the audience to encourage a sing along.

Day came back down for song “High,” grabbing a gorgeous White Falcon which showcased her multi-talented musical abilities. The captivated crowd was well under her spell for the remainder of the performance, which included songs “1965,” “Ace of Hearts,” ”Hypnotic” and a new unreleased track “Man On the Moon.” Her set also included a flawless cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Rhiannon,” nearly transforming her into idol Nicks.

Day continued to wrap the audience around her finger by dancing wildly between choruses, flirtatiously serenading guitarist Christopher Oppold and throwing herself to the ground with the mic cord strung around her neck. For a moment, Oppold stole the show himself by strumming the strings of his Country Gent with his teeth.

The show came to a dramatic close with the audience chanting along to hit “East of Eden,” followed by Day’s latest single “Mustang Kids.” It was the perfect ending to encompass the style of Day, with lyrics that capture the free-spirited nature of her songwriting.

Mustang kids are out
Rolling over hills and the roundabouts
Black tar, tambourine
Playing for the girls in the back seats

The mustang kids are out
Rolling over hills and the roundabouts
White line, motorcade
Sweeter than your baby face

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