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John Lennon’s Gretsch G6120DC Featured In Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame


The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame naturally has an extensive Beatles exhibit, and that collection was recently bolstered by the addition of John Lennon’s 1963 Gretsch G6120DC guitar.

Howard Kramer, the H.O.F.’s curatorial director, explained that Lennon that the guitar was mainly kept in the studio.

“John picked up this guitar in 1966. ┬áHe used it in the sessions for ‘Paperback Writer, but in fact, he never even played it on stage,” Kramer said.

Learn more in the video below.

Click here for a look at some highlights of the Beatles exhibit.

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4 Responses to John Lennon’s Gretsch G6120DC Featured In Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

  1. Edh Stanley says:

    I’m a Gretsch fan, with five of ‘em. But I’d love a 6120DC…

  2. Ed Van Meyer says:

    I have owned 2 G6120DC’s and currently have a Japan made 2003 one, it’s a superb guitar!

  3. rick rivets says:

    I had this model Gretsch in 1966 and had I known John also had one I would have never sold mine. Now I have a 1960 6120 single cut and a 1954 Duo Jet. I wonder why John took off the pickguards on allot of his guitars. I still have my Casino and 325 but I would love a J160E. John also had The Strat in metallic red that I only saw a pic of him playing it on his bed and the dobro he used in Let It Be. One amazing genius who had great taste in guitars.Cheers

  4. marc says:

    Something kinda cool about hearing a legendary song while seeing one of the guitars used in that recording. It strikes me funny how a guy like Lennon could just give away a guitar like that without hesitation while most of us have to work quite a while to acquire such a gem.

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