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Gretsch G5022CE Rancher Gets Editors’ Pick From Guitar Player Magazine


Guitar Player magazine Editor-In-Chief Michael Molenda reviewed a Gretsch G5022CE Rancher in the magazine’s July issue, honoring it with the Guitar Player Editors’ Pick award.

“The new G5022CE Rancher retains most of the awesome vibe, beauty, and tonal wonders of the much more expensive 2002 version,” said Molenda. “While adding some rock-and-roll stage worthiness with its access to the higher frets and a truly excellent Fishman Isys + preamp.”

He also said that the Rancher’s character is retained when plugged in.

“The G5022CE’s electronics are fabulous. The onboard tuner is extremely visible, and the guitar’s character is retained when amplified.”

Molenda’s final verdict said that the Rancher makes for a “versatile and stunning guitar that will inspire you to genius no matter what type of music you play.”

Get the July issue of Guitar Player here to read more on why the G5022CE Rancher got the magazine’s Editors’ Pick.

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3 Responses to Gretsch G5022CE Rancher Gets Editors’ Pick From Guitar Player Magazine

  1. John MacNerland says:

    Does anyone know why Gretsch is refusing to deliver the G5022CE? I have had one on order for more than
    three months and can’t get a reasonable answer to when this guitar is going to be available I am getting a bad feeling that I have been scamed, Gretsch is not conducting good business practices when they post a New products ad on their web site when in fact they never had produce the guitar nor given an explaination as to why they have not. I am very disappointed in Gretsch.What is going on with these people?

    Thank you, Jack M.

  2. patrick yeager says:

    I my self have looked on the internet and can
    not find any for sale. After I saw a clip with box car rebellion ,I was like wow I would love to have one.

  3. Buck says:

    I played one of these last night at a local music shop. I was blown away at the value for money – Super guitar for the price – or even twice the price…

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