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Premier Guitar Tours Gretsch Custom Shop


Premier Guitar‘s Rebecca Dirks recently got the VIP tour of the Gretsch Custom Shop by builder Stephen Stern.

Stern took Dirks through many of the amazingly striking Gretsch pieces he and his team have built.

Check out the video below:

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2 Responses to Premier Guitar Tours Gretsch Custom Shop

  1. Ken Davis says:

    Nice video, looks like a great place to work!
    I was particularly interested in the Steven Sterns contribution to the George Harrison Duo Jet Tribute model. I have read a few versions of the story, and it was good to see the real thing.
    I’m from Liverpool UK and was at The Liverpool Institute High Scool from 1953-1958 with George, and Paul McCartney.
    I’m also a huge fan of Chet Atkins RIP. Another school friend lent me an country music LP of Chet in about 1957,and I couldn’t believe he was playing alone.I heard bass,rythm and lead guitars all from one Country Gent!! I’ve still got most of records he made plus his “Me and my guitars” book.
    Ken Davis

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