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New Album from Apocalypse Radio


Brian Patchett playing his White Falcon double cutaway.

Longtime friends Brian Patchett and Rancid drummer Branden Steineckert first recorded an Apocalypse Radio record together back in 2001. Years passed as both musicians were caught up in other projects, but the pair reconnected last year at Steineckert’s Unknown Studios in Orem, Utah to record self-titled album Apocalypse Radio.

“We wanted to write, record an album on our own again with no mission statement in mind…. just going with our gut and putting it all down with no limitations,” the punk rockers state on their website. “We are very proud of this album and we have worked extremely hard. We couldn’t care less if anyone else likes it, cause we do! That was the only objective. To do something on our own we could be proud of.”

The album, which features contributions from Steineckert’s Rancid bandmate Matt Freeman, Drew Hamnett, Josh Sanderson, and Jake Moore, is available at their online store and on iTunes.

Also, stay tuned as Apocalypse Radio will soon be announcing new shows …

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Steve Alba Finding New Ways to Shred


Belmar’s Bowl Bash, an exclusive 20th anniversary celebration of Kelly Belmar’s popular Orange County skate bowl, went down over the Thanksgiving weekend.

According to pro skateboarder Steve Alba, Belmar helped save the sport back in 1990 when he built a pool in his backyard for skateboarding. Since there were really no skateparks or private facilities at the time, Belmar’s backyard skate pool became an Orange County standard.

Check out Alba’s blog on the anniversary bash, which also included Alba shredding on his Gretsch White Falcon.

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