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Guitar Aficionado Reviews Billy Duffy’s White Falcon


Billy Duffy Gretsch White Falcon

In Guitar Aficionado‘s May/June issue, the magazine reviews Billy Duffy’s new signature Gretsch White Falcon, based on the Gretsch 1975 single-cutaway 7593 that has been his main axe since forming the Cult.

“As the proud owner of a 1976 Gretsch 7593 White Falcon, I can attest that the G7593T Billy Duffy White Falcon is nearly identical when it comes to feel and playability,” writes GA author Chris Gill. “The Duffy model has the advantage of being slightly lighter and more comfortable, but the slim neck profile and the incredibly fast-playing fingerboard are one and the same.”

Gill also discusses its custom-wound pickups, noting that they “sound incredible through overdrive Marshall and Fender tweed amps, providing the distinctive midrange snarl that has made Filter’Trons one of the best choices for hard-rock rhythm playing, but without the feedback problems that afflict lower-output pickups.”

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Paul Pigat Compares Vintage VS. New Guitars Via Guitar Aficionado


Paul Pigat, the prolific and highly versatile rockabilly player, is also a self-proclaimed “guitaraholic.”

In an interview with Guitar Aficionado, the Gretsch artist admits to embarking on a never-ending journey in search of the “perfect” guitar.

“Vintage guitars are COOL!” Pigat tells Guitar Aficionado. “They have a look and a patina that screams experience. Who doesn’t want to think that their guitar has “been around,” so to speak, and has experience?”

Although the vintage-loving player loves his elderly guitars, he says his new models are more reliable.

“So now I’m traveling with a bunch of new instruments in my arsenal,” Pigat tells the magazine. “They may not have the ‘retro cool’ factor, but they are all based on traditional designs; so, from a distance, most folks can’t tell the difference and they sound great!”

Read the full interview here.

For more on Paul Pigat, visit www.paulpigat.com

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Brian Setzer Discusses Gear, Instrumental Album with Guitar Aficionado


King of rockabilly Brian Setzer recently chatted with Guitar Aficionado about his instrumental masterpiece Setzer Goes Instru-Mental and all the gear he used to record it.

“I didn’t start off wanting to do a purely instrumental record,” Setzer tells Guitar Aficionado. “When I started writing songs for this record, I quickly completed six or seven songs with vocals. All of a sudden, I started fooling around with the melody chords that became the foundation for my version of ‘Blue Moon of Kentucky.’”

“Blue Moon of Kentucky” is the opening track on the album, which was released in April 2011. It is one of a handful of covers featured on the record, complementing Setzer’s masterful rockabilly/jazz-infused originals.

Setzer recorded the tracks almost entirely on his signature model Gretsch and Gretsch Hot Rod guitar, and tells the magazine that the Gretsch tone can’t be beat.

“For the rockin’ stuff, I’ve never been able to beat that Gretsch tone,” he told Guitar Aficionado. “I bought my first Gretsch 6120 when I was a kid. When I plugged it into my Bassman amp I went, ‘There it is!’ That was the sound I was looking for.’”

Read the entire interview on GuitarAficionado.com, and visit Brian Setzer’s website here.

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1967 Gretsch Sam Goody Model Review


Guitar Aficionado’s Chris Gill reviewed the 1967 Gretsch Sam Goody Model on the online July/Aug issue of Guitar Aficionado magazine.

“The Sam Goody Model, which is essentially a Rally with a sunburst finish, stands out for having one truly unique feature: its undeniably cool, stylized, space-age-looking G-shaped sound holes,” he says.

In addition to breaking down the “pristine” instrument, Gill retraces the history of the limited runs of custom Gretsch models during the mid-Sixties.

Click here to read the entire review.

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ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons Featured in Guitar Aficionado


When Guitar Aficionado went looking for an icon to shed some light on the ins and out of fashion and how to develop a personal style, ZZ Top frontman and guitarist Billy Gibbons was their first and last stop.

“There are a few dos and don’t that work for us,” said Gibbons. “Numero uno is learn to play what you want to hear, and learn to wear what you don’t mind seeing in the mirror. Grab some groovy threads and crank up the tunes.”

In the Fall 2010 issue, the Reverend also reveals how his band discovered some of their memorable looks, and what he looks for when he’s in the market for a new guitar.

The spread also includes a sidebar about his Gretsch Billy-Bo prototype guitar, which Gretsch shipped to the magazine for the photo shoot.

Gibbons explains the creation of the signature model as follows:

“ZZ Top had been together for about a year when we were hired to play a 30-minute opening set and then remain on the deck for Bo Diddley,” recalled Gibbons. “We had a great time. Bo was playing the rectangular Twang Machine, but he also had an unusually shaped Gretsch, made for him in 1959, called the Jupiter Thunderbird. I tried it during the tour and liked it. When the tour was over, Bo said, ‘Take it home with you. I’ve got three more.’”

The guitar remained in storage until 1996 when ZZ Top was recording Rhythmeen. The engineers were looking for a new sound for the last few solos so Gibbons dug out the Jupiter.

“It sounded so good that we used it on the rest of the album and on tour,” Gibbons said.

But how then did it become part of the Gretsch line? Order the magazine here to learn the rest of the details! Also, be sure to follow Guitar Aficionado on facebook.

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