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Katy Perry Knocks Out VMA Crowd


Katy Perry Road at the VMAs

Katy Perry decided to close out this year’s MTV Video Music Awards with fists of fury, as she sang and danced her was through new hit single “Roar” in the middle of a boxing ring.

Set up outdoors under the Brooklyn Bridge, Perry donned a tiger-striped top and flame-emblazoned boxing shorts.  The pop superstar shimmied and shadowboxed, and even showed off some superior skills with a jump rope.

If fans watched her act closely, they would have also seen an amazing Gold Penguin from the Gretsch Custom Shop in the background.

Click here to watch footage of Perry’s epic performance and visit her official website for more information.

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Patrick Matera Recording New Solo Record


Patrick Matera might be well known at Katy Perry’s guitarist, but he’s also been hard at work on a new solo record.

And to complete it, Matera launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise a final $10,000 with rewards that include a digital download of the album to the opportunity to have the artist play a private 45-minute set at a fan’s home.

“I’ve been playing guitar with Katy Perry since the 2008 Warped Tour,” he wrote on his Kickstarter page. “When we had a little time off last summer, I began working on this solo record, writing songs and recording demos. It’s pop music, I’d say… electronic/guitar/vibey singer/songwriter stuff. I’ll be singing, playing guitar and keyboards on it and just need a little help from my friends to finish it and get it out there to you. I’m raising funds so I can pay all the musicians, studio owners, engineers, mixers, etc., that I need to help complete the project.”

To learn more about Matera’s mission, click here.

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Katy Perry Rocks Kids’ Inaugural Concert


It was impossible to miss Katy Perry over the weekend when she performed in an American flag-inspired outfit for the Kids’ Inaugural Concert in Washington D.C.

The superstar headlined a show that also included Usher and Far East Movement.

Introduced by first lady Michelle Obama, Perry blazed through her hits “Teenage Dream,” “Part of Me,” “Wide Awake” and “Firework.”  The latter song was accompanied by a slideshow of President Barak Obama. (more…)

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Gretsch Chat with Patrick Matera


Patrick Matera, guitarist for pop sensation Katy Perry, is a big Gretsch fan, and he recently stopped by the Gretsch Artist Showroom to discuss his relationship with the brand.

Matera – who may be best-known for the copper and blue Gretsch Billy Bo guitars he uses on stage – notes in the video below that he had wanted to play Gretsch guitars since childhood, when he had the opportunity to play with Chet Atkins.

Off-camera, we asked Matera a few more questions, including one about Katie Perry: Part of Me 3D, which hit theaters this month.

Check out the interviews below.

Gretsch Post: What does the Billy Bo sound like to you?

Matera: It’s got a typical Gretsch sound, somewhat like a Duo Jet with a little more mid-range, whether that’s from the pickups or the body shape.  Hollowed-out, they’re pretty light.  And that thicker humbucker sound – compared to a Tele – isn’t overwhelming and dark like a Les Paul.

GP: What do you think about your big-screen debut?

Matera: Actually, I’m hesitant to see the movie at all because it’s going to seem weird.  You’re not supposed to be that large and in 3D.  I think it’s going to be embarrassing [laughs] because we had the documentary crew out with us for a year and we have no idea what they’re going to use.  Hopefully, they’ll be kind to us.

It will be amazing, but I admit that when I first heard it was coming out for real, I cringed a little bit. I’ll let other people decide if it’s any good, and in 20 years I’ll watch it on a hologram [laughs].  No, it should be fun.

GP: You’ve been playing Perry’s huge hits for a few years now.  Is there one song you really enjoy playing live?

Matera: We used to do a cover of “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen, and I always liked playing that one.  We ended up being in a hotel in Manchester, England, and Brian May was sitting in the lobby on his laptop, so I went up and said hey.  This was like three years ago, so Katy wasn’t as big as she is now.  I introduced myself, and he said “Oh, I’ve seen you play ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ on YouTube!”  He ended up coming to one of our shows in England, and when we had to play that song, it was a little nerve-wracking.   It came time to solo, and there’s Brian May off to the side with his arms crossed.  No pressure.

GP: Did you nail it?

Matera: I just kind of went for it.  I remember looking on YouTube for that performance so I could check, and I couldn’t find it.  It’s probably for the best.

For a list of Matera’s tour dates, visit Perry’s official website.

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Patrick Matera Runs Through His Rig


Patrick Matera, guitarist for pop sensation Katy Perry, recently went through his entire touring rig, which includes some amazing Gretsch Billy-Bo guitars.

Watch Matera’s rundown in the video below:

For more information, visit Perry’s official website.

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