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KT Tunstall Returns to Music with a New Carefree Mindset


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A few years back, Scottish singer/guitarist KT Tunstall was ready to walk away from music.

“The feeling that I had was, ‘I need to burn the house down,’” Tunstall said to Entertainment Weekly. “My dad had died, I got divorced, I felt very lost at sea. I didn’t know what I wanted. I’d done everything I thought it wanted, and it hadn’t made me happy.”

Tunstall churned things up with a move from London to Los Angeles where the “Suddenly I See” singer enrolled in the Sundance Institute’s Film Composers Lab and started over.

And although she had no plans to record new music, sunset car rides listening to music from Fleetwood Mac and Joni Mitchell sparked her creative juices.

Tunstall released a preceding EP in June called Golden State, with fifth studio album KIN dropping in early September. Produced by Tony Hoffer (Beck’s Midnite Vultures), Tunstall has referred to the album as the spiritual follow-up to 2004 debut Eye to the Telescope.

This [album] was more like who I was then: carefree, unselfconscious, writing music because I enjoyed it,” she explained to EW.

Tunstall certainly appears to be letting loose in the new video for KIN single “Hard Girls.” Conceptualized and directed by Chris Turner, Tunstall recruited longtime friend Melanie “Sporty Spice” Chisholm to star alongside her in the clip. After getting greasy working on her rally car, Tunstall and Chisholm take to a dirt track to race.

Check out the action below, and order the new album here.

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KT Tunstall Releases New Album


Scottish songstress KT Tunstall releases her fourth studio album, Tiger Suit, today in North America.

“It’s based on a recurring dream amongst other things, and it was only after I had decided on it that I discovered it was the Chinese Year of the Tiger,” Tunstall has said of her new album.

In her dream, Tunstall sees a tiger in her garden and goes outside to stroke it. After returning indoors she is seized by fear and the realization that she could have been killed. Over the years, it occurred to her that the reason the tiger responds passively is that she herself is dressed as a tiger — that she’s wearing a tiger suit.

In further describing the album’s vibe while at a media showcase in London, Tunstall claimed the songs are “like Eddie Cochran working with (British electronica duo) Leftfield.”

Tunstall will take to the road to support Tiger Suit with a 20-concert tour that starts on Oct. 31 in Portland, Ore., but fans can also catch her performing “Fade Like a Shadow” on national television tonight on Jay Leno.

In the meantime, here’s one of our favorite Tunstall songs and videos, “Suddenly I See.”

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