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Help Fund Lynda Kay’s New Album of Original Songs


Lynda Kay is looking to release a new album of original music, and she has started a Kickstarter campaign to help fund it.

“[The goal is] to record a collection of the best of my new original songs in a lush, cinematic, and classic style on my new album titled The Soundtrack Sessions.  This is for you your enjoyment.  I cannot do this album without YOU,” she wrote on the official campaign page.

The album is separate from the fabulous album Kay have been recording at Capitol Studios with Grammy Award-winning producer Brad Benedict (Capitol Ultra-Lounge, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, and Blue Hawaiians). (more…)

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Lynda Kay to Appear on ‘Justified’


Gretsch artist Lynda Kay will be appearing on the March 6 episode of Justified on FX. Kay will be performing her song “Jack and Coke.” For a look at what is in store, here’s Kay performing the same song acoustically (and exclusively) on one of our new Gretsch Rancher acoustics.

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Lynda Kay To Play Showcase Thursday In Hollywood


Singer/songwriter Lynda Kay is bringing her brand of soulful country to the Hollywood area this week, as she will play a showcase at the Club Tarantino party at Santa Monica’s Three Clubs.

Kay’s debut solo album, Dream My Darling was released in late 2009 and features 12 classic heartbreakers, including one track featuring a cameo from Billy Bob Thornton.

Her set begins at 9 p.m., followed by a birthday celebration and show with the legendary Jerry Donahue and special guests, and a performance by heavy-metal mariachi band (you read that right) Metalachi.

Here’s a video of Kay talking about her particular Gretsch guitar:

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Gretsch Chats with Lynda Kay


Gretsch catches up with singer/songwriter Lynda Kay to find out how she got started on the guitar and why Gretsch is the perfect choice for her.

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2011 Gretsch Showcase: More Artist Sightings


The Gretsch Showcase, with its colorful and stylishly designed guitars, seems to be an eye-stopper every year at the NAMM show in Anaheim, Cali.

Below are some photos of just a few of the musicians who stopped by to check out the goods …

Country western singer/guitarist Lynda Kay with Kim Falcon.

Neon Trees bassist Branden Campbell stops to test out a Gretsch bass.

Airborne Toxic Event drummer Daren Taylor came through the showcase sporting our Gretsch “Since 1883″ field bag.

And thanks to the stunning display featuring the Gretsch Custom Shop G6128T-GH George Harrison “Tribute” Duo Jet guitar and other Harrison memorabilia, the Gretsch booth proved to be an even larger attraction in 2011.

For instance, although Keith Urban was on his way to the Fender Custom Shop booth, he couldn’t help but notice the Harrison display. The country superstar stopped and watched the nearly four-minute long video, also available now here, that tells the story behind and making of this unique guitar.

Rest assured, this was a repeated occurrence throughout the weekend  because as beloved as the Beatles and George Harrison are, the tribute model quite simply stole the show!


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