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The Tallest Man on Earth Moves Outside Lands


The Tallest Man on Earth at Outside LandsThe Tallest Man on Earth left his final American audience before taking a break from playing live shows a true gem.

Swedish artist Kristian Matsson played a lovely set at the Sutro Stage that called to mind one of the most-celebrated troubadours of all time.  Yes, people have compared Mattson to a young Bob Dylan, and perhaps those are big britches to fill.

But, Matsson’s earnest guitar strumming and emotive vocals are undeniable.  Songs like “1904” and “King of Spain” are heartfelt tracks that fit perfect with his acoustic guitar prowess.

And the fans that spanned a hundred yards back and up to the fence that lined the through-streets of Golden Gate Park.

With each guitar change – and Matsson used four different guitars on his first four songs – the excitement grew, even if it wasn’t immediately noticeable.  Taking a subdued route, Matsson relied on his infectious songwriting and impressive fretwork to win over the audience.

When he announced that Saturday’s show would be his last in the States for a while, there was admittedly a smattering of boos.

“Don’t boo me… I just have to disappear for a while,” he noted.

Of course, Matsson received cheers when he added later, “I’m just going to go home and record an album.”

Obviously, another record from the Tallest Man on Earth is highly-anticipated.  And it looks like Matsson is ready to deliver.

Regardless, Matsson put on a touching goodbye performance before leaving his American friends.

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Jack White Surprises With Impromptu Show in the Woods


Prior to Jack White’s performance on the Lands End stage at Outside Lands music festival, the always-innovative musician ventured out into the Golden Gate Park woods, where he put on an impromptu show for a few lucky fans.

White reportedly jammed to gems such as the White Stripes’ “Hotel Yorba” and “Broken Boy Soldiers” from the Raconteurs.

Once White got on stage for his scheduled appearance, he turned in a 70-minute performance for the ages. Playing with his all-male band, the Buzzards, White threw out a few tracks from his solo debut, Blunderbuss.

The capacity crowd was also treated to versions of the Stripes’ “We’re Going to Be Friends” and “Seven Nation Army.”

At the end of the night, White took a bow with his band and tipped his cap to the night’s headliner.

“Steve Wonder!” he shouted with anticipation.

Watch a few clips from the secret show below …

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PAPA Kicks Off Twin Peaks Stage At Outside Lands


Los Angeles-based PAPA has been quickly building a following after releasing an EP titled A Good Woman is Hard to Find less than a year ago.

That showed Friday at San Francisco’s Outside Lands music festival, as a solid crowd assembled at the Twin Peaks stage to see the Darren Weiss- and Danny Presant-led band.

The quartet has apparently been working on some new tunes, as a song called “Young Rut” that will appear on a forthcoming full-length album made the setlist.

The more-familiar songs played included “Let’s Make You Pregnant,” a particularly fiery version of “The Collector” and “I Am the Lion King,” the latter of which closed with Weiss jumping out from behind his drum kit to slap high-fives with the first row of fans.

It was PAPA’s first of three shows on Friday, and this after playing a pre-Outside Lands event Thursday night with Of Monsters and Men.

The guys were also scheduled to perform sets at the AT&T Lounge and Stub Hub Tent.

Judging by their following as one of Outside Lands’ first shows, the more shows the better.

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The Walkmen at Outside Lands


Washington D.C. indie rockers The Walkmen walked out on the Sutro stage at San Francisco’s Outside Lands music festival about 20 minutes late, but it did not deter them from turning in a solid set.

Having just released Heaven earlier this year, The Walkmen dropped a few notable tracks from that album, with frontman Hamilton Leithhouser’s soaring voice punctuating “We Can’t Be Beat,” “The Love You Love” and “Heartbreaker.”

They also touched on earlier favorites, such as “Angela Surf City” from 2010’s Lisbon and their screaming closer, “All Hands and the Cook” off their 2006 debut, A Hundred Miles Off.

The Walkmen also performed last weekend during Lollapalooza, and their vintage sound is obviously on point during their current tour in support of Heaven.

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