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Watch a Full Tegan and Sara Concert From Sydney


While on the road supporting their latest album Heartthrob, Tegan and Sara traveled through Australia, where they played a show at the Sydney Opera House.

The show was originally streamed live around the world in partnership with YouTube, and now that footage is available to watch in full.

The Canadian twin sisters played some of the more electro-tinged numbers off Heartthrob, including “I’m Not Your Hero” and “Closer,” but they also included a few of their classic hits, such as 2004′s “Walking With a Ghost.”

Watch the entire concert in the video after the jump and visit Tegan and Sara’s official Facebook page to find out where you can see them live. (more…)

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Tegan and Sara Teach Andy Samberg About Heartthrobs


With the release of their latest album Heartthrob earlier this year, Tegan and Sara have been conducting interviews with actors and musicians like Cory Monteith, Ben Lee, Ione Sky and Skylar Astin about what that word means to them.

In addition, the sisterly duo gave former Saturday Night Live star Andy Samberg a perfect lesson for stepping up his heartthrob game.

Check out the clips after the jump and visit Tegan and Sara’s official website to pick up a copy of the album. (more…)

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Five Great Gretsch Holiday Songs


By this time of year, we’ve all been inundated with holiday music for weeks. The standards are inescapable, as it seems that every radio station is blaring some version of “Silent Night” or “Santa Claus is Coming to Town.”

We tend to look in different places for our Christmas tunes. Sure, there might be a time and a place for some Manheim Steamroller, but there are so many more gems out there that can serve as a much-needed changeup.

So as we get ready to unwrap presents and sip on some nutmeg-infused eggnog, here are five great Gretsch holiday tunes that should be on your playlist right now: (more…)

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Tegan & Sara Charm ACL Crowd


Watch as Tegan and Sara perform “I’m Not Your Hero” at Austin City Limits. The song will appear on January’s upcoming new album, Heartthrob.

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Tegan and Sara Play New Tunes at Austin City Limits


Tegan and Sara haven’t been playing all of the cuts off of their upcoming (January 2013) album, Heartthrob, in their live shows, but the ones they have certainly hit the mark with their rabid fanbase.

Speaking with the twin Quin sisters Friday at the Austin City Limits music festival, it was estimated that approximately four songs from the highly-anticipated record get the live treatment at this point.

Their hour-long set at the Bud Light Stage was chock full with enough familiar tunes to keep the crowd cheering, dancing and screaming, “We love you!” all afternoon, but the taste of Heartthrob certainly leaves one in anticipation.

By now, many have heard “Closer,” the opening single off the record.

It was debuted at an intimate Warner Bros. Records summer concert and since been seen on Conan and heard on the radio.

Its synth-heavy vibe and catchy hook make it tough to get out of one’s head, but Tegan admits that it’s probably the danciest track off Heartthrobs.

Still, there are other fresh gems that pique the interest.

“I’m Not Your Hero” is one new standout that makes it impossible to stand still, another dalliance into 1980s-influenced pop.

Tegan and Sara also did not skimp on the well-known favorites, most-notably with the opening “Walking With a Ghost” and with “The Con” serving as a solid middle reliever.

The siblings, who seemed to be holding a different guitar with every song, delighted the audience with their stage banter.

Over the years, they’ve been known for telling anecdotes of their childhood, or even sharing their thoughts on politics.

Friday’s theme seemed to be the unrelenting heat, as they both regularly cautioned fans to apply sunscreen and hydrate.

“The last time we played a show that was this hot, Sara fainted,” Tegan said.  “It was like my solo career dream.

“Just kidding,” she added with a laugh.  “I wouldn’t want to have to do all the work.”

All jokes aside, there is a dynamic onstage that can only be described as family intuition – whether it is the way they bandy back and forth or how one is just as capable of taking the vocal or guitar lead as the other.

For a couple of sisters that began touring right after high school on the Greyhound bus line, the evolution of their sound hinted at with Heartthrobs coupled with their solid stable of fan-favorites shows just how far they have come over a 13-year career.

For more information, visit Tegan and Sara’s official website.

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