Al Dual

Murcia, Spain
Music Style:
Surf, Rockabilly, Western, and Roots Guitar
Guitar Influences:
Chet Atkins, Cliff Gallup, Duane Eddy, Eddie Cochran, Eddie Hill, Hank Garland, Al Caiola, Grady Martin, Johnny Smith
“The first time I heard Chet Atkins playing his guitar, I thought, ‘I want that sound!’ It was really the best thing I’d ever heard. I was 12 years old and since that time, I’ve always loved Gretsch guitars.” – Al Dual
Fun Facts:
Dual is known to spend hours in the bathroom before a show, not for personal usage but rather because he finds the restroom to be the best place to practice before a gig.
Dual studied cinema music composition and has composed orchestral pieces for funeral marches as well as edited songs for television programs.


G5022CWFE Rancher™ Falcon™ Acoustic / Electric
SKU #2714024505


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