Keeley Davis / At The Drive In

Richmond, Virginia
Current Gig:
Keeley joined At the Drive In in 2016 on guitar and vocals. The band originally formed in 1993 in El Paso, Texas. Its current lineup also features singer Cedric Bixler, bassist Paul Hinojos, drummer Tony Hajjar and guitarist Omar Rodríguez.
At the Drive In's Music Style:
Experimental rock meets post-hardcore.
Fun Facts:
  • Davis's debut US show with At the Drive In was at The Observatory in Santa Ana on March, 22 2016.
  • Before joining At The Drive-In, Davis previously played in bands Sparta, Engine Down and Denali.
  • He is also a singer, songwriter and graphic designer.

On His Gretsch Streamliner:
“I’d been in At the Drive In for about a year; I hadn’t played on previous records, and I was trying to capture what the previous records had, which was the humbucker sound and pretty in your face. I just happened to look at Gretsch and I saw this (Streamliner) guitar had just come out. I saw that first off it was not as deep (as his Electromatic) and it had the fixed bridge and the humbuckers, so I was like, ‘I definitely have to try this out.’ I am huge fan of there not being a strap on the back of the neck. I play kind of low, so I’m not a fan of the floppiness. So that brought me to it. I got this guitar and I immediately felt super comfortable. I had played the same guitar for 10 years and then tried this. The position of it and the neck feel — I quickly understood this guitar.”



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