Rich Robinson / The Black Crowes/The Magpie Salute

Atlanta, GA
Guitar Heroes and/or Influences:
Robinson named Fleetwood Mac founder and guitarist Peter Green his favorite guitarist of all time.

"His playing is just so moving. Listen to what he achieves on 'Oh Well' and 'Rattlesnake Shake,' and it is stunning. What he does is so interesting because he doesn’t overplay. Green understands that simplicity could hold the key to the blues." -Rich Robinson to Guitar World

Other influences include Furry Lewis, The Rolling Stones, Muddy Waters and Jimmy Reed
Fun Facts
At 15, Robinson formed The Black Crowes in 1984 with his brother Chris while the two were still students at Walton High School in Marietta, Ga.

Robinson wrote The Black Crowes single "She Talks to Angels" when he was only 15 years old.

In addition to his work with The Black Crowes and The Magpie Salute, Robinson has also released four blues-centric solo albums.

Robinson is known for utilizing open tunings in his songwriting and recordings.


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