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Alt-rock indie heroes Ok Go used Gretsch Electromatic CVT III guitars and Gretsch G5222 Electromatic amps in the video for their song "Needing/Getting." You might have seen the elaborate automobile-as-musical-instrument video in a Chevy Sonic commercial during Super Bowl XLVI, or perhaps you're one of nearly 20 million online viewers who have made it a huge viral hit.

OK Go played and recorded the song by driving a specially equipped Sonic along a 2.5-mile desert course lined on both sides and overhead with a fantastically varied array of instruments. These included nearly 300 of the specially tuned CVT III guitars, fastened to a fence with every six instruments plugged into one amp. By activating special appendages fixed to the car, guitarist/vocalist (and driver) Damian Kulash, drummer/percussionist Dan Konopka, bassist/vocalist Tim Nordwind and guitarist/keyboardist/vocalist Andy Ross "played" the instruments along the course by driving by them (the guitar solo happened at 45 mph, by the way). You've got to see it—it's a truly remarkable musical and automotive feat.

Behind The Scenes: Overview

Behind The Scenes: Tuning A Track

Now the black and red Gretsch guitars and G5222 Electromatic amps used in the video can be yours. They come in straight-off-the-set condition, which quite frankly means that they're pretty dusty and a little worse for such unusual wear and tear. But they're also utterly loaded with OK Go mojo, indie cred and Gretsch cool, and each guitar and amp comes with a certificate of authenticity (signed by all four band members and Gretsch president Fred Gretsch III) and a color 8x10 photo of the instruments on the set during the shoot.

These OK Go Gretsch guitars and amps won't last long, so if you're "needing" one, don't miss this one-of-a-kind chance to be "getting" one.

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