Powerful Overdrive + Shimmering Clean

All-New Gretsch Players Edition Jet™ FT


Build |  Chambered Solid Body

  • Focus9

  • Tonal Depth7

FOCUS = Quickness of Attack, Degree of Presence and Overall Sonic “Cut".
TONAL DEPTH = Dynamic Range and Harmonic Richness

Build is the most critical element of your tone.

The Jet FT features a select mahogany body with an arched maple top. This build design delivers:

Enhanced Acoustic Resonance

Very lively and dynamic response with a strong, resonant punch.

Greater Harmonic Richness

Increased harmonic complexity for a more organically rich tone without compromising midrange strength.

Extended Tonal Range

Deeper Low End, accentuated Mid-range and smooth, extended High End. Sparkling, yet smooth and musical.


Pickups & controls are the voice of your instrument.

Filter’Tron™ Pickups: True Power & Fidelity

Filter'Tron pickups feature dual-coils and are designed to filter out the electronic hum normally associated with single-coil pickups, while adding a warmer tone, and a significant increase in output and sustain.

A pair of High-Sensitive Filter’Tron™ pickups compliment the Jet FT's chambered body to produce a wide balanced and transparent tone that is equally adept at cutting though the mix or laying solid sonic foundation.

Voice |  Filter’Tron™

  • Power7

  • Definition9

POWER = Output, Fullness, Compression and overall Sonic "Size".
DEFINITION = Articulation, Clarity and Dynamic Range.

Interactive Electronics for Complete Tonal Control.

While the Build design and the Pickups’ voice work together to produce the entire tonal palette, the Jet FT’s control set lets you tap into that palette, simply and intuitively.

  • Individual pickup volume controls for dialing in your tone’s foundation.

  • No-load Tone Pot with Squeezebox™ capacitors takes you from smooth, organic vintage feel to full-throttle ’Tron vibrance at the twist of a knob.

  • Master Volume with treble bleed circuit allows you to throttle your amp without sacrificing your dialed-in tone.


NV Neck Volume
BV Bridge Volume
MT Master Tone
MV Master Volume


Upgrades are Standard.

Players Edition features ensure rock-solid stability and maximum performance.

Low Profile Neck set

Lower neck set provides a more comfortable and natural playing experience.

Full-Access, Rolled Cutaway

Discrete, radiused cutaway allows full reach to upper frets while preserving the instrument’s vintage aesthetic.

Tuning Stability

Locking keys and a Graph Tech® TUSQ® XL nut for excellent tuning stability and great sustain.

All-New 2020 Players Jet™ FT Models

G6128T Players Edition Jet™ FT
Round-Up Orange

G6129T Players Edition Jet™ FT
Red Sparkle


G6129T Players Edition Jet™ FT,
Silver Sparkle

G6128T Players Edition Jet™ FT,

G6131T Players Edition Jet™ FT,
Firebird Red

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