Synchro-Sonic™ Bridge

A Marvel of Engineering!

First introduced in 1951, the Gretsch Synchro-Sonic bridge produces perfect intonation in all registers by means of moveable string rests. Each string is allowed to find its own true octave and true intervals in all positions. All strings can be accurately tuned and locked in place. No screwdriver needed!

Available in Chrome, Nickel or Gold.

Synchronized Bridge

The Synchromatic "Synchronized bridge" is another exclusive Gretsch feature. The bridge is graduated to provide progressively broader contact between the vibrating strings and the top, or sounding board. The result is perfect harmonious balance between the fast vibrating treble strings and slower vibrating bass strings.

Space-Control™ Bridge

Split hair spacing adjustments can easily be made for the finger stylist, the single string artist or the chord player. With the Gretsch Space-Control bridge, each string is provided with a transversing adjustment which makes it possible to set a broad spread of the strings for finger style playing or a narrow spread for pick and chord work.

Rocking Bar Bridge

No fuss, no muss! A long time favorite among Gretsch players, the Gretsch Bar bridge produces a smooth glassy tone with enhanced sustain.

The updated version of the classic Gretsch Bar bridge features cone shaped post holes allowing the bar to "rock" back and forth when a Bigsby Vibrato is used.

Adjusto-Matic™ Bridge

The Adjusto-Matic bridge offers great tone and precise intonation with its six individually adjustable string saddles. When used with a Bigsby vibrato, the bridge slightly "rocks" with the movement of the strings- reducing friction and adding tuning stability.

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