Electrotone™ Hollow Body

Introduced in 1962 to help reduce unwanted feedback while playing at louder volumes, the Electrotone hollow body is typically 2" in depth, and has simulated F-holes.

Neo-Classic™ Fingerboard

Centuries ago, when string instruments were first built, the early craftsmen discovered that pure ebony offered the best basic board for playing performance. As time passed, instrument makers began to decorate these fine playing boards with fancy pearl inlays which were beautiful but in no way enhanced the playing performance of the board; it only destroyed the wonderful feel only pure ebony could give.

It was with those proven facts in mind that led Gretsch to introduce the Neo-Classic fingerboard back in 1958. Neo-Classic construction preserves the full strength of the fingerboard, offering the finest in playing performance and sheer beauty. The beautifully inlayed half moons (thumbnails) on the bass side of the board are perfect position markers and do not in any way detract from the classic feel which is so essential to perfect performance.

Action-Flow™ Zero Fret Nut

Introduced in 1959, the Action-Flow Zero Fret Nut allows you to play at fret level from one end of the fingerboard to the other. No more string nuts that are too high or too low!

Electro-Socket™ Output Jack

As a return to original specs, the Electro-Socket recessed metal jack dish is once again featured on Jet style solid body guitars.

Bigsby® Stationary Handle

Sometimes called a "Fixed Arm", the Bigsby stationary handle is fixed in one position, moving only up and down to create the vibrato effect.

Bigsby® Wire Handle

Also known as the "Chet Atkins" handle or "arm", the Bigsby Wire handle is preferred by many Gretsch players. Plus, it just looks so darn cool!

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