Designed for the working professional, Players Edition instruments feature classic Gretsch tone and cutting-edge features for maximum power, comfort and versatility.

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Player-Centric Features

High-Sensitive Filter’Tron™ Pickups

High-Sensitive Filter’Tron™ Pickups power more of a vintage-authentic Gretsch sound, delivering pristine high end, glassy midrange, robust low end and balanced harmonics for tone that blends seamlessly with other instruments.

String-Thru Bigsby® Tailpieces

String-Thru Bigsby® Tailpieces allow for quick, painless string changes, as well as providing increased vibration transfer for enhanced sustain.

Strap Locks

With our rock-solid Strap Locks guitar remains secure onstage, regardless of player’s movement or activity.

Locking Tuning Keys & TUSQ XL Nuts

Locking Tuning keys provide easy string changes and excellent tuning stability, while the TUSQ XL nut minimizes friction between string and nut.

Squeezebox PIO Caps & Treble Bleed Circuits

Squeezebox PIO Caps give that silky vintage sound and taper, while the Treble Bleed Circuit allows the player to back off the volume for greater tonal control.

No-Load Tone Pots

No-Load Tone Pots: When the tone switch is maxed, Filter’Trons are “wide open.” Rolling back the tone knob engages a smooth roll off and great tonal flexibility.

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